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'I recently watched an archeology documentary about an ancient brothel on the east coast of England. The birth control method of the time was to give birth, and, in the process, kill the baby. A large pit of baby skeletons was the first clue. This information haunted me.  It makes me thankful for today's birth control methods.

Anyone planning to become sexually active needs to be prepared in the prevention of both STIs and pregnancies. Organizations like Planned Parenthood help girls and women get proper protection. With this help available, it's hard to understand the number of abortions. Roe vs. Wade is vital legislation in the USA, but education helps prevent the unnecessary cessation of life.

My husband and I were founding members of Zero Population Growth in the 60's, when in college. Our Earth was then already so overpopulated that it seemed logical. My happiest days on earth were the days I had my healthy children - first a girl, then a boy.

Over the years I've become more and more concerned about pollution. It never fails to amaze me that there is conflict about this. Lessening of carbon emissions and recycling should be obvious!'

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