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Dusti & Maasai age mate_better resolutio


'In my lifetime human population has more than doubled. In 1954, there were 2.7 billion people - soon we'll be 8 billion! Humans cause climate change, ocean acidification, and many species extinctions. We are making the planet unlivable for ourselves and other creatures. 


Everyone wants a better standard of living - a huge problem, because humanity at 8 billion is not sustainable. It's time to scale down the human enterprise. The most humane way to do that is cut back on consumption and births. People especially in the rich world must consume less, phase out eating meat, and embrace small families. Quality, not quantity. 


Young couples, please put off having children until you are educated and truly ready. Feel good and right about not having children. Use contraception. If you want children, be gentle with their future world by having just one. Adopt if you have the means and want a big family. 


Let's celebrate small families and end subsidies that encourage large ones. Let's make sure young women have access to good educational options and careers. Let's get our numbers back to around 3 billion.'

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