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'As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women in Nature Conservation Organization (WINCO) , my core career goal is to raise future passionate and resilient female conservationists in a career line fondly referred to 'the men's world'. Personally, I have scaled through tough career hurdles in my twenty-two years of impactful conservation work in Nigeria. Our story as n NGO began in 2015. Back then the founder and CEO was teaching part time in the Department of Zoology, now Animal and Environmental Biology, University of Uyo, Nigeria when she discovered that a greater number of students especially the female, in conservation-related courses were either forced to study the course or accidentally found themselves there. This way they were ignorant of the potentials but rather displayed low self-esteem, dislike for the course and uncertainties about their future underscoring the low manpower for conservation work in a region where conservation is rarely practiced. These inspired commencement of routine general advocacy, awareness, sensitization and conservation education in collaboration with institutions, organizations and communities. There was a maiden event on 30th June 2015 in the University of Uyo to commemorate World Environment Day. On 23rd October 2019, Women in Nature Conservation Organization WINCO was legally registered in Nigeria and officially inaugurated on 29th January 2021 at WINCO permanent ground, a 2,000 square-meter land acquired for the WINCO Global Secretariat.  WINCO has a vision of raising a crop of passionate, focused, diligent and resilient women conservation leaders sustainably managing the earth’s natural resources. Its mission is to promote sustainable conservation and management of natural resources by initiating, engaging and empowering more women conservation leaders.'

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