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'I am the Executive Director of Population Balance and I came into the sustainable population movement from a humane education framework after working in the fields of engineering and education for 15 years. As faculty with the Institute for Humane Education at Antioch University, I teach a course that I have designed called "Pronatalism and Overpopulation" to explore the impacts of the pervasive pressure on women to have children and its resulting impacts on them, their families, non-human animals, as well as the planet.

I’ve come to see human overpopulation as an issue that inextricably intersects with human rights, animal protection, and environmental restoration. Population growth is not only a cause of immense suffering for marginalised human and ecological communities, present and future, but it is premised upon oppressive power structures. Current pronalist structures around the world are mired in a type of population control that pressures, and often coerces women into procreating. Driven by patriarchal, religious, cultural, political, or economic ideologies, such pressures prevent women and couples from making liberated, informed, and responsible family size decisions, including how they define family.

I feel an urgent need to pierce through overpopulation denial so that we can collectively begin to dismantle the power structures that are threatening all life on earth.'

Population Balance and its remarkable work can be found here.

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