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'I’ve been passionate about nature and animals for as long as I can remember. I have two degrees in zoology but already knew in high school that I wanted to work in conservation – as much as I enjoyed picturing myself doing research in exotic locations, I felt like I had to dedicate my career to fighting the horrifyingly rapid erosion of biodiversity at the hands of humanity. To me it was always crystal clear that our population explosion is driving the sixth mass extinction, so I was glad to join the team at Population Matters – one of the rare organisations that confront the elephant in the room. The best thing about working in the population field is that I get to combine my love for nature with my other big passion: the advancement of women’s rights. I firmly believe that achieving global gender equality is the most powerful and neglected solution to our biggest environmental and social crises. It is high time that world leaders give it the attention it deserves.'


Olivia is Senior Communications Officer at Population Matters.  Enjoy her recent blog:  (it's on Medium too)

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