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'My  parents had 5 children, of whom three had one child each and the other  two none. My parents taught us to be frugal. They were farmers and we  had to help with various tasks. This made us realise what it takes to  put food on the table and clothes on our backs. We were taught the value  of nature.

I  taught my daughter many of the skills I was taught - gardening,  cooking, baking, livestock husbandry. She got her degree in  communication and is completely comfortable with the digital world. She  is a completely modern human. But she can also make soap, milk a goat,  make cheese, kill a chicken, chop wood, stomp cob and handle power  tools.

What  we taught her, which my parents taught us, is that you can do anything  you set your mind to. She's my only child. Environmental and  socio-economic matters are high on her agenda. She wants two children  one day. Her value set combines her grandparents' influence, what we  taught her, what she saw in the media and the influence of her friends.  She's her very own person.'

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