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'Once you take a pause from the bustle and confusion and open your eyes to the impact humans are having on Planet Earth, there’s no going back. It becomes impossible to pretend that things can carry on as they are. I’ve stopped apologising for being an ‘eco-warrior’. How can any of us be anything else? How can we look at a tree, a butterfly, a flower, an ocean… and not fight to save them? How can we look into the eyes of our children and say that we didn’t try?

As a writer, words are my weapons of choice. I’m the author of the eco-thriller ‘10:59’, written to raise awareness of overpopulation in an entertaining and accessible way for adult and teenage readers. Let’s break the taboo. Let’s work together to wake people up and get everyone talking about the things that really matter. Let’s inspire positive change, degrowth, sustainable living, and absolute starry-eyed reverence for the miraculous natural world that we are lucky enough to call home.'


For more about Niki's eco-thriller novel, '10:59,' see her website,

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