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‘I slung my two baby daughters on my back as I did my global change science work in southern Africa. I've had a fire in my belly for humanity to take charge of our destiny on this planet, and not give in to destruction, denialism, despair or nihilism. Since our 2019-2021 papers on the theme "World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency" in BioScience and Scientific American, I'm working to implement urgent solutions in most of the six areas we recommended to humanity (energy, nature, pollutants, food systems, population stabilization and economic reform).  Living lightly on this planet, having small and well-supported families, and working hard for systemic change can turn us from a predatory, parasitic species into a wise one.  But we should all ask: what kind of leadership got us to this terrible state?  and what kind of leadership will bring us into a wiser, healthier, happier future?’

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