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'Since early in life I knew I was a passionate person, and I always had a genuine interest in nature. As I grew up, I chose to follow a career in environmental sciences, and this is where my passion truly boosted to unprecedented levels. As I learned more and more about our relationship with nature, I realized how challenging is to make significant sacrifices that actually heal the planet. At the same time, I was lucky to have a mother that never pushed me to have children (unlike many families here in Peru). It is a hard decision because there is a lot of social pressure on women, so much that I even had doubts. However, another thing changed my life: I became a teacher (of environmental sciences, of course), and when this happened, I realized that you can have a special bond with many kids, and have a meaningful impact on their lives without being a mother. It is then that I realized how to combine my passion into making a better world, without bringing one more child to it. And with this. I am giving back to Earth the most sincere and pure love I can give, without taking more resources from her in exchange.'

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