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'I've always loved nature and tried to all sorts of things to protect it – cleaned riverbanks from litter, saved frogs crossing busy roads, planted trees and flower beds, grown my own food, organized hikes for people to explore nature, published articles about sustainability and conservation.


But only recently I have realized that if I really want to protect nature effectively in long term, the best way is to talk about POPULATION and OVER-CONSUMPTION because these are the real causes of nature degradation and climate change.


Obviously talking about family size, family-planning methods and ways to consume less resources is much harder and more controversial than talking about solar panels and eco-fashion, but it is absolutely essential to do it if we want to live on this planet in harmony with our fellow humans and nature.'

Veronika is an amazing journalist and writer, and host of the great global podcast, Nature Solutionaries - check her work out here.  

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