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'I have a passion for oceans, and I love swimming with whales and dolphins. I live in Taiwan, an island where various whales and dolphins periodical travel by. As a marine ecology photographer, I followed them in the waters of Tonga, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Japan, and other places. A series of my Humpback whale photos won the Honorable Mention and the Art Book Award of the International Photography Awards (IPA). To understand more about these beautiful animals, I have participated in many underwater photography projects, such as research projects of lemon sharks in Dongsha island, a cetacean study in eastern Taiwan, the Kuroshio’s Voyage Project, and the Megamouth Shark Documentary Program. My photography works have been published in Science Monthly, Rhythms Monthly, Beyond the Blue: Kuroshio’s Voyage, Great Blue Wild in Taiwan, and other publications. Our planet is so crowded, but we can't afford to lose whales and dolphins.'

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